Harvested from the low tide zone, 2 to 4 metres, the Tua Tua has a smooth clean shell and 33% meat to shell ratio. The smooth low profile shell is cream to light moss in colour. It has a distinctive mild, sweet ‘ocean spray’ flavour and a rich, creamy texture. Well suited to both raw and cooked preparations, the Tua Tua is especially suited to dishes consisting of a full flavour. Highly regarded by the local Maori people as a culinary delight, it is superb eating.

Taste Profile

The Tua Tua exhibits a delicate, sweet aroma of fresh kelp and toasted nori. The flavour of the raw clam is lightly oceanic with clean citrus notes. Cooked, the clam has a range of savoury characteristics, reminiscent of lightly smoked fish and Japanese soy.


LARGE   Approx 14-16 pieces per kg
MEDIUM   Approx 20-24 pieces per kg
SMALL   Approx 45-50 pieces per kg

<80 - 80+
2 - 4
Meat to Shell Ratio