Found in the deeper parts of the surf zone at 5-10 metres, the Moon Shell has a depth of flavour like no other clam. It’s characteristics consist of a beautiful mustard colouring, circular shell and firm textire. It has a large mantle and frill which is best removed before eating, and has a 20-25% meat to shell ratio. With its intense, sweet ocean flavour, high iodine notes and meaty characteristics, the Moon Shell is a clam for the aficionado who appreciates a unique experience.

Taste Profile

The Moon Shell exhibits a strong sea spray aroma and an intense full flavour when eaten raw. When cooked, it has an exceptional, deep, venison aroma. Paired with a meaty yet delicate flavour, consisting of rich oceanic notes and a clean finish.

Approx 14-16 pieces per kg

<50 - 50+
5 - 10
20 - 25%
Meat to Shell Ratio